Sunday, June 5, 2011

Snake Bite

Although in our world most of the snakes are non-venomous and hunt their prey by constriction rather than their venom, poisonous snake can be found in all over the world. Snake bite is an injury that cause due to bite from venomous snake. Snake normally use their venom for hunting purpose, they also use it for self defense. The effect of snake bites depends on various factor factors, including the species of snake, , the amount of venom Injected, the area of the body bitten, and the health conditions of the victim, taking necessary steps against venom etc.
Snakes venom mainly attract the man’s nervous system, mixed with the human blood and poisoning it. If the venom reaches to the heart and head of human being he/she may be dead. Again injury can be happened from non-venomous snake because of their teeth that cause infection in human body. Each year about 15 thousand people in all over the world due to snake bite. The number of death entirely depend upon geographical area. In Australia, Europe, North America the rate of death due to snake bite is extremely poor due high medical facilities. On the contrary this rate is pretty high in Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Africa, South America, sub-Saharan Africa due to lack of proper medical facilities. 
The most common symptoms, that have been seen in all snakebites are  fear, panic, and emotional instability, improper medical treatment, which may cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fainting, and cold, clammy skin. Bite from both venomous and non-venomous snake can cause severe pain. Bite from cobra and rattle snake may be extremely painful. Mojave rattlesnake, coral snake, and the speckled rattlesnake bite cause a little or no pain. Bite from sea snakes, kraits, cobras, mambas, king cobras directly attract the nervous system. The most important thing is that venom emits from almost all vipers, rattle snake, some species of cobras, some sea snakes.
Venom's behavior is mainly depend upon the snake species. Snakes usually bite when they fill threaded, being attract or no corner to escape. For giving treatment of snake bite the identification of snake species is necessary. But it is not an easy task. Normally dead snake are brought with the patient but it is more difficult if the snake bites from the forest. When a snake is bitten is necessary to protect the patient from further bite. If species is already identified then do not waste time attempting to kill the snake or delay medical treatment, should remove victim carefully from the area. 

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