Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heavy Weight

Previously we have described about many animals of the world on different categories. Here I will try to describe about the world’s largest animals. Animals are different in sizes. Animals are larger or not can be determined by either their weight or their height or their length. An animal is larger, it does not means that it follow all the categories above. So before calling an animal larger firstly it should be mentioned that it is followed in what categories.

It is known to all that, Blue Whale is the largest animals of the world. It is mainly found in Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It can be grown up to about 115 feet long. Its weight is about 110 tones. It is an endangered species. Its maximum weighted was recorded ever 200 tones.

The African Bush Elephant is the largest animal in land. Its length is about 11 meter (34 feet). Its weight is about 11 tones. Its average weight is about 8000 kg. Asian elephant’s average weight is about 4500 kg.

Another water giant animal is Hippopotamus. Its average length is about 11 meter. The maximum weighted hippopotamus was recorded ever about 4 meters. Its average weight is about 2500 kg. it is found in Africa and South America.

The world’s tallest animal is Giraffe. Its height is about 5 meters. Its weight is about 1500kg. Its average length is about 3.75 meters. Its living place is Africa.

If we consider about reptiles, the biggest reptile is Saltwater Crocodile. Its average length is about 5 meter. The largest Crocodile was recorded ever was about 7 meter. Its average weight is about 2000 kg. Crocodile’s stomach is very powerful. It can diet anything.

If we consider about the birds the largest living bird is the Ostrich. Its height is about 3 meter. Its weight is about 150 kg.

If we consider about the snake there rise a little bit confusion. From different journals are found that Anaconda and Boa constricts are the two largest snake of the world. The maximum length was recorded for both of them are about 50 feet (15 meter). The average weight for both of them was about 2000 kg. 

Now we will consider about the predators. The world’s largest cat is the African Lion. It can also be called as the King of the forest. Its average length is about 4 meter and weight is about 500 lb. Males are larger than females.

We have discussed above about the world’s heavy weighted animals of different categories. Most of the information was collected from the journals. Its result is about 99.99% perfect. 


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