Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauty Queens

God’s creature is really strange. Our planet is a living place of variety of animals. Some of them are beautiful to see, some of them are good in behavior, some of them are strange, some of them are peculiar in nature. All creatures have been living together within their ecosystem. Anybody would become wonder if he knows about the ecology of this 

One of the beautiful animal is Hunchback Grouper. It is one the most colored fish of the world. Its growing rate is very slow. It is suitable for aquarium.

Another beautiful animal is Atlantic white spotted Octopus. It is small in size. It can be grow up to 15cm and up to 1 meter with its leg.

In my personal opinion Mullein Moth is the most beautiful of all Moth species. It is clearly visible when it feeds on the leaves.

Another beautiful fish is Harlequin Sweetlips. It is found in Pacific Ocean. It can be grow up to 75cm. It is a poisonous fish. It mainly uses its poison to prevent the attack of predators. Their spots in the body changes from white to black as they grow older.

Beauty queen of all fishes is the white spotted Jellyfish. It is mainly found in Pacific and Australian ocean. 

Spotted Eagle Ray is a name of a fish. Its body structure is similar to birds. It can be up to 5 meter long. It has a beautiful long tale.

Blue spotted Stingray is a beautiful sea fish. It can be up to 70cm long. It is suitable for the aquarium.

Clouded Leopard is species of tiger. It comes from the cat family. It is small in size. It is called cloud spotted Leopard because with the increase of its age it coat is turned into large, irregular shaped, dark edged ellipses which look like clouds.

Another beautiful member of cat family is the King Cheetah. It is different from the normal cheetah. It is a rare species. It is the fastest animal of the world. King Cheetah is larger than the normal Cheetah.

If we consider the birds first of all comes the Blue Peafowl. It is mainly found in the Indian subcontinent.

The animals described above are the most beautiful animals of our planet. But it is sorry to say that many of them are facing the thread of being vanished because of global warming, deforestation, destroying of the forest and polluted the water. On seeing these beautiful animals we have to extant our helping hand to save them.


  1. Awesome collection and all of these pictures are so awesome, Thanks for sharing this interesting and informative article.

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