Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Animal planet is the only planet that shows one a variety of species. Some are big in size, some are small, some are tiny, some are tall, some are heavy in weight, some are well known about their beauty, some are famous for their nature, some are cool in nature and few of them are very aggressive in nature. Here we will discuss about the tallest animal of the world.

If we want to know about the tallest animal of the world, first of all it comes, the Giraffe. It is the tallest animal of the world. Males are normally larger than the females. Males are normally 20 to 22 feet tall. On the other hand females are normally 18 to 20 feet. Its weight is normally 2000 pound. Giraffe’s front legs are few larger than the back ones. But back legs are more powerful than the front ones. Its back legs are so powerful that one single kick is enough to a lion. 

Both males and females have horns. Different species of giraffe have different coated in their skin. Giraffe’s main enemy is lion. But lions cannot do any harm to them when they are stand up. Lions attack them only when they put down their shoulder to drink water. Giraffes are very well runner. It can run at a speed of 30 to 35 miles per hour. While running they put down their shoulder. Its main living place is Africa. Female giraffe first gave birth within 5 years. 

It is a vegetarians animal. It is feed normally leaves and shoots of trees, vines, herbs etc. They also eat grass, fruits of various trees. It is very social animal. It has a very selective feed.

Although it was an endangered animal in the past century, it is not an endangered animal anymore, but it is still listed as “low risk” with fairly stable populations of 500 wild giraffe.  It has been found from different journals that there are only about four hundreds and fifty Uganda giraffes left in the wild. The rest of its species have not become endangered yet for a number of reasons.  Moreover, they are praised by the people of the world for their beauty, habit and nature.

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