Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dangerous Animals

World is a living place of variety of animals. Among them some are most dangerous. Some are least dangerous. Some are very aggressive in nature. Some are so aggressive that it is unbelievable to thing. Dangerous animal” this term is different from people to people because it depends upon condition. Animals are normally remains cool. But any animal can become dangerous when it is become hungry or being attacked by some species.
Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the dangerous animals in the world. It is found in Sundarban one of the largest mangrove forest in the world. It length can be up to 2.5 meter. Its weight is about 250 pound. Every year about 500 people died because of the attack of this animal.

Another dangerous species is Bear. It is in mammal class. It is different in nature as we may have seen it at the zoo. But it is totally different as wild. It mainly hunts its prey by using its nail. It is expert in catching fish.

Another species is Shark. It is one of the most horrible species of the world. In water every species try to save them from Shark. It has different species. It has very sharp teeth and its stomach is very powerful, can digest anything.

Another dangerous animal is Elephant. It is found in Bangladesh, India, African forest, Thailand, Indonesia. It is the largest animals in the land. Normally it remains very calm and it can be pet easily. But wilds are more aggressive and every year about 1000 people died in all over the world because of Elephant attack. Most often Elephants are destroyed the crops of the farmers. 

In we consider about the reptile at first it comes the blue poison dark Frog. It is mainly found in South America. Its length can be up to 6cm long. Its skin is coated with blue poison that can kill a man within an hour.

Now in my opinion the most dangerous animal of the world is Piranha. It is mainly found in the South America (Amazon forest). Its length can be up to 12cm long. Its teeth are so sharp that it can cut the bones of any animal. It normally swims in the water as a team. But if they sense the smell of a blood, firstly moves to it attack the animal. The animal that attacks by the Piranha, nothing can do unless Piranha left its bones.

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