Saturday, June 18, 2011

Save Them

The world is a place where different species of animal and plants live in. From the beginning of the earth it has changed so much that one will wonder if he knows the truth of it. With the passage of time a lot amount of species have been distinct from the earth and a number of species have been facing the thread of being vanished. We know the name of some species but most of them vanished without given notice. 

One of them is Solenodon. It is mammal. Its living place is Cuba and Hispanola. The scientists found last a few of them still in 2003. 

Another common endangered species is Kiwi. It is a bird but it cannot fly. But it has a highly developed sense of smell. It has prominent nostrils. It has laid egg which is comparatively larger to its size. 

Another rare species is Olm. It is found in Italy, Croatia and Herzegovenia. It is amphibian. 

Another cutest species is Bumblebee Bat. Its length can be up to 1 inch. Its living place is Thailand. It is one of the most endangered species of the world. May be there are 200 of them are still alive.

Hooded seal is one of the endangered species of the world. Because of global warming the environment of arctic is being affected severely. As a result this seal are also faced the thread of being vanished.

The Echidna is a egg lying mammals in the world. It is shy in nature. This creature has no teeth. There are actually 4 species of them.

The little mountain monkey or Monito Del Monte is not a monkey at all. It is found in South America, Australia. It is nocturnal and carnivorous. They can starve for a long period of time.

The penguin with glowing yellow eyes is found in New Zealand. It is one of the nice and rare animals of the world. Due to deforestation this species has been faced a greater risk of being vanished.

Another endangered species is ghost frog. It is found in South Africa. It is called ghost frog because of its black color.

Another endangered species is Aye Aye. It is mammal. It is found in Madagascar.
If we analyze the most endangered species of the world we will find some common cause such as global warming, deforestation, industrialization etc. All of them are man made. If we thing about this endangered creatures and step forward cordially to save them then and only then this beautiful species can be saved.

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