Monday, June 27, 2011


Crocodiles are reptile. Its family is Crocodylidae. There are some other species so close to them such as Alligator, Caimans. It is one of the largest reptiles of the world. It is found in Africa, South America, North America, Asia and in Australia. Crocodile like to live in near the water source such as rivers, lakes etc. crocodiles are vertebrate animal. This animal was first appeared in our planet about 55 million years ago.

Its body structure is similar to other reptiles. It has a cerebral cortex. Its body structure makes him one of the best predators of the world. It can swim very well. They are more powerful in the water than the land. It has a palatal flap. Crocodile normally feed by grabbing. Its muscles are very powerful. Crocodile’s jaws are used to bite down at an unimaginable force. Perhaps its bite is the most strongest of all animals in the planet.

As the crocodiles are slow in speed in long range it is hunted its prey by ambushing themselves, waiting in land or river and allows animals to come close to them and then attack the prey. Sometimes they hunt as a team. As the crocodiles are cold-blooded species, they can survive a long period of time without taking any food.

Salt water crocodiles are the largest of all crocodile species. Its length can be up to 5 meters. Its average weight is about 1500 kg. Males are larger than the female. It is mainly found in India, Australia. More species, normally smaller in size, can also found in Sundarban. Crocodile’s life cycle is a period of about 150 years. It can also found in different Ma-jars in Bangladesh.
Crocodiles are normally hunt fish, deer, bison, smaller crocodile, birds etc. Female crocodile laid egg in land, normally 50 to 60 at once.

Crocodiles are very dangerous for human. Though they are slow in speed they can attack and kill a man before he reacts. In each year over hundreds of people in Asia, America and Africa killed because of crocodile attack. Many more also become wound because of crocodile attack.

Presently many countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Germany produces crocodile for businesslike. It is turned into very profitable business because of huge demand of crocodile’s leather. In Europe the demand of crocodile’s leather is increasing rapidly.  Various goods such as purses, handbags, caps, belts etc can be made from Crocodile’s leather. Crocodile’s meat is also consumed in Europe, America and Australia.       

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