Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Deadliest Insects

Our world is a living place of variety of insects. They are large in number. It is said that the amount of insects living in a fertile is greater than the total population of the world. Among these insects some of them are very poisonous. Here we will discuss about the most poisonous insects of the world.

One of the world’s most dangerous insects is mosquito. There are about 3000 species of mosquito in the world. It is responsible for Malaria, Dengue fever, yellow fever, encephalitis and many more diseases which results one and three million deaths around the world in each year. Mosquitoes are nocturnal.

Another poisonous insect is Bee. There are about 20000 thousands species of bee around the world. Some of its species is known as killer bees such as African honey bees. About 1000 people around the world are killed each year by honey bees. They attack not only by their venom but also release a banana-scented material on the skin that invited other bees to attack.  

One of the world’s most venomous insects is Ant. There are more than 10000 species of ant around the world. Among them some are very poisonous. The bite of fire ant causes a lot of pain. Another poisonous species of ant is bullet ant. Its bite is said to be the most painful bite in the world. Pain is last long for at least 24 hour.

Another poison master insect is Scorpion. It has about 2000 species around the world. It has eight legs and a pair of crablike pincer. But when it bites, it puts its venom through the stinger of its tail. Its bite cause severe pain in the internal body.

Another common deadliest insect is spider. It has about 30000 species. Among them Black Widow is probably the most poisonous. Its length is about half inch. Its venom is more powerful than rattle snake. But good thing is the amount venom injected is small to kill a man.

Another poisonous insect is Assassin Bug. It is also known as kissing bug. It has several species. Among them some are most poisonous. Its bite causes fever, rash, vomiting of the victim. The victim suffers a severe pain through its body. About 15 to 18 million people around the world are affected with the disease and 20000 died in each year.

Another deadly fly is Tsetse Fly. It is found in Africa. They bear germs of many diseases. Among these diseases many of them could not be recovered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Animal planet is the only planet that shows one a variety of species. Some are big in size, some are small, some are tiny, some are tall, some are heavy in weight, some are well known about their beauty, some are famous for their nature, some are cool in nature and few of them are very aggressive in nature. Here we will discuss about the tallest animal of the world.

If we want to know about the tallest animal of the world, first of all it comes, the Giraffe. It is the tallest animal of the world. Males are normally larger than the females. Males are normally 20 to 22 feet tall. On the other hand females are normally 18 to 20 feet. Its weight is normally 2000 pound. Giraffe’s front legs are few larger than the back ones. But back legs are more powerful than the front ones. Its back legs are so powerful that one single kick is enough to a lion. 

Both males and females have horns. Different species of giraffe have different coated in their skin. Giraffe’s main enemy is lion. But lions cannot do any harm to them when they are stand up. Lions attack them only when they put down their shoulder to drink water. Giraffes are very well runner. It can run at a speed of 30 to 35 miles per hour. While running they put down their shoulder. Its main living place is Africa. Female giraffe first gave birth within 5 years. 

It is a vegetarians animal. It is feed normally leaves and shoots of trees, vines, herbs etc. They also eat grass, fruits of various trees. It is very social animal. It has a very selective feed.

Although it was an endangered animal in the past century, it is not an endangered animal anymore, but it is still listed as “low risk” with fairly stable populations of 500 wild giraffe.  It has been found from different journals that there are only about four hundreds and fifty Uganda giraffes left in the wild. The rest of its species have not become endangered yet for a number of reasons.  Moreover, they are praised by the people of the world for their beauty, habit and nature.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Crocodiles are reptile. Its family is Crocodylidae. There are some other species so close to them such as Alligator, Caimans. It is one of the largest reptiles of the world. It is found in Africa, South America, North America, Asia and in Australia. Crocodile like to live in near the water source such as rivers, lakes etc. crocodiles are vertebrate animal. This animal was first appeared in our planet about 55 million years ago.

Its body structure is similar to other reptiles. It has a cerebral cortex. Its body structure makes him one of the best predators of the world. It can swim very well. They are more powerful in the water than the land. It has a palatal flap. Crocodile normally feed by grabbing. Its muscles are very powerful. Crocodile’s jaws are used to bite down at an unimaginable force. Perhaps its bite is the most strongest of all animals in the planet.

As the crocodiles are slow in speed in long range it is hunted its prey by ambushing themselves, waiting in land or river and allows animals to come close to them and then attack the prey. Sometimes they hunt as a team. As the crocodiles are cold-blooded species, they can survive a long period of time without taking any food.

Salt water crocodiles are the largest of all crocodile species. Its length can be up to 5 meters. Its average weight is about 1500 kg. Males are larger than the female. It is mainly found in India, Australia. More species, normally smaller in size, can also found in Sundarban. Crocodile’s life cycle is a period of about 150 years. It can also found in different Ma-jars in Bangladesh.
Crocodiles are normally hunt fish, deer, bison, smaller crocodile, birds etc. Female crocodile laid egg in land, normally 50 to 60 at once.

Crocodiles are very dangerous for human. Though they are slow in speed they can attack and kill a man before he reacts. In each year over hundreds of people in Asia, America and Africa killed because of crocodile attack. Many more also become wound because of crocodile attack.

Presently many countries like Australia, Bangladesh, Germany produces crocodile for businesslike. It is turned into very profitable business because of huge demand of crocodile’s leather. In Europe the demand of crocodile’s leather is increasing rapidly.  Various goods such as purses, handbags, caps, belts etc can be made from Crocodile’s leather. Crocodile’s meat is also consumed in Europe, America and Australia.       

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heavy Weight

Previously we have described about many animals of the world on different categories. Here I will try to describe about the world’s largest animals. Animals are different in sizes. Animals are larger or not can be determined by either their weight or their height or their length. An animal is larger, it does not means that it follow all the categories above. So before calling an animal larger firstly it should be mentioned that it is followed in what categories.

It is known to all that, Blue Whale is the largest animals of the world. It is mainly found in Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. It can be grown up to about 115 feet long. Its weight is about 110 tones. It is an endangered species. Its maximum weighted was recorded ever 200 tones.

The African Bush Elephant is the largest animal in land. Its length is about 11 meter (34 feet). Its weight is about 11 tones. Its average weight is about 8000 kg. Asian elephant’s average weight is about 4500 kg.

Another water giant animal is Hippopotamus. Its average length is about 11 meter. The maximum weighted hippopotamus was recorded ever about 4 meters. Its average weight is about 2500 kg. it is found in Africa and South America.

The world’s tallest animal is Giraffe. Its height is about 5 meters. Its weight is about 1500kg. Its average length is about 3.75 meters. Its living place is Africa.

If we consider about reptiles, the biggest reptile is Saltwater Crocodile. Its average length is about 5 meter. The largest Crocodile was recorded ever was about 7 meter. Its average weight is about 2000 kg. Crocodile’s stomach is very powerful. It can diet anything.

If we consider about the birds the largest living bird is the Ostrich. Its height is about 3 meter. Its weight is about 150 kg.

If we consider about the snake there rise a little bit confusion. From different journals are found that Anaconda and Boa constricts are the two largest snake of the world. The maximum length was recorded for both of them are about 50 feet (15 meter). The average weight for both of them was about 2000 kg. 

Now we will consider about the predators. The world’s largest cat is the African Lion. It can also be called as the King of the forest. Its average length is about 4 meter and weight is about 500 lb. Males are larger than females.

We have discussed above about the world’s heavy weighted animals of different categories. Most of the information was collected from the journals. Its result is about 99.99% perfect. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dangerous Animals

World is a living place of variety of animals. Among them some are most dangerous. Some are least dangerous. Some are very aggressive in nature. Some are so aggressive that it is unbelievable to thing. Dangerous animal” this term is different from people to people because it depends upon condition. Animals are normally remains cool. But any animal can become dangerous when it is become hungry or being attacked by some species.
Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the dangerous animals in the world. It is found in Sundarban one of the largest mangrove forest in the world. It length can be up to 2.5 meter. Its weight is about 250 pound. Every year about 500 people died because of the attack of this animal.

Another dangerous species is Bear. It is in mammal class. It is different in nature as we may have seen it at the zoo. But it is totally different as wild. It mainly hunts its prey by using its nail. It is expert in catching fish.

Another species is Shark. It is one of the most horrible species of the world. In water every species try to save them from Shark. It has different species. It has very sharp teeth and its stomach is very powerful, can digest anything.

Another dangerous animal is Elephant. It is found in Bangladesh, India, African forest, Thailand, Indonesia. It is the largest animals in the land. Normally it remains very calm and it can be pet easily. But wilds are more aggressive and every year about 1000 people died in all over the world because of Elephant attack. Most often Elephants are destroyed the crops of the farmers. 

In we consider about the reptile at first it comes the blue poison dark Frog. It is mainly found in South America. Its length can be up to 6cm long. Its skin is coated with blue poison that can kill a man within an hour.

Now in my opinion the most dangerous animal of the world is Piranha. It is mainly found in the South America (Amazon forest). Its length can be up to 12cm long. Its teeth are so sharp that it can cut the bones of any animal. It normally swims in the water as a team. But if they sense the smell of a blood, firstly moves to it attack the animal. The animal that attacks by the Piranha, nothing can do unless Piranha left its bones.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beauty Queens

God’s creature is really strange. Our planet is a living place of variety of animals. Some of them are beautiful to see, some of them are good in behavior, some of them are strange, some of them are peculiar in nature. All creatures have been living together within their ecosystem. Anybody would become wonder if he knows about the ecology of this 

One of the beautiful animal is Hunchback Grouper. It is one the most colored fish of the world. Its growing rate is very slow. It is suitable for aquarium.

Another beautiful animal is Atlantic white spotted Octopus. It is small in size. It can be grow up to 15cm and up to 1 meter with its leg.

In my personal opinion Mullein Moth is the most beautiful of all Moth species. It is clearly visible when it feeds on the leaves.

Another beautiful fish is Harlequin Sweetlips. It is found in Pacific Ocean. It can be grow up to 75cm. It is a poisonous fish. It mainly uses its poison to prevent the attack of predators. Their spots in the body changes from white to black as they grow older.

Beauty queen of all fishes is the white spotted Jellyfish. It is mainly found in Pacific and Australian ocean. 

Spotted Eagle Ray is a name of a fish. Its body structure is similar to birds. It can be up to 5 meter long. It has a beautiful long tale.

Blue spotted Stingray is a beautiful sea fish. It can be up to 70cm long. It is suitable for the aquarium.

Clouded Leopard is species of tiger. It comes from the cat family. It is small in size. It is called cloud spotted Leopard because with the increase of its age it coat is turned into large, irregular shaped, dark edged ellipses which look like clouds.

Another beautiful member of cat family is the King Cheetah. It is different from the normal cheetah. It is a rare species. It is the fastest animal of the world. King Cheetah is larger than the normal Cheetah.

If we consider the birds first of all comes the Blue Peafowl. It is mainly found in the Indian subcontinent.

The animals described above are the most beautiful animals of our planet. But it is sorry to say that many of them are facing the thread of being vanished because of global warming, deforestation, destroying of the forest and polluted the water. On seeing these beautiful animals we have to extant our helping hand to save them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Save Them

The world is a place where different species of animal and plants live in. From the beginning of the earth it has changed so much that one will wonder if he knows the truth of it. With the passage of time a lot amount of species have been distinct from the earth and a number of species have been facing the thread of being vanished. We know the name of some species but most of them vanished without given notice. 

One of them is Solenodon. It is mammal. Its living place is Cuba and Hispanola. The scientists found last a few of them still in 2003. 

Another common endangered species is Kiwi. It is a bird but it cannot fly. But it has a highly developed sense of smell. It has prominent nostrils. It has laid egg which is comparatively larger to its size. 

Another rare species is Olm. It is found in Italy, Croatia and Herzegovenia. It is amphibian. 

Another cutest species is Bumblebee Bat. Its length can be up to 1 inch. Its living place is Thailand. It is one of the most endangered species of the world. May be there are 200 of them are still alive.

Hooded seal is one of the endangered species of the world. Because of global warming the environment of arctic is being affected severely. As a result this seal are also faced the thread of being vanished.

The Echidna is a egg lying mammals in the world. It is shy in nature. This creature has no teeth. There are actually 4 species of them.

The little mountain monkey or Monito Del Monte is not a monkey at all. It is found in South America, Australia. It is nocturnal and carnivorous. They can starve for a long period of time.

The penguin with glowing yellow eyes is found in New Zealand. It is one of the nice and rare animals of the world. Due to deforestation this species has been faced a greater risk of being vanished.

Another endangered species is ghost frog. It is found in South Africa. It is called ghost frog because of its black color.

Another endangered species is Aye Aye. It is mammal. It is found in Madagascar.
If we analyze the most endangered species of the world we will find some common cause such as global warming, deforestation, industrialization etc. All of them are man made. If we thing about this endangered creatures and step forward cordially to save them then and only then this beautiful species can be saved.