Thursday, July 21, 2011

Common Birds of Indian Subcontinent

Birds are one of the common creatures of the world that is found everywhere in the world including all seven continents. Among them some of them are most common that can be seen easily around our house. In this topic we will try to mention about some common birds in the world.

The most common bird that is found in Indian Subcontinent is the House Sparrow. Its size varies from 13 to 15 cm. It is mainly a seed eater. It also feed insects. It normally makes its nest near the human dwellings. It is mainly seen in the grassland, farmlands, human habitations etc.

Another common species of bird that is seen easily specially in the water sources is the Kingfisher. It has several species. Its size varies from 25 to 30 cm. It mainly feed small fishes, insects etc. It is mainly found in open fields, water source such as ponds, rivers etc. It normally builds its nest near the water source.

Another common species of bird but has become rare nowadays is Cattle Egret. It has several species. Among them white Cattle Egret is the largest. Its normal size is about 50 cm. It mainly feeds insects, seeds, small birds etc. It is so beautiful to look at. It is found easily in the country areas in the Indian sub continent. It normally builds its nest in large colonies on the trees. It is normally seen in the open lands, farm lands, swamps, wet fields etc.

Another common species of bird is Pigeon. It is not only common in Asia but also in the Europe, America etc. It has several species. Its color varies from one to another. It is also popular as pet bird. Its normal size is 30 cm. It mainly feed seeds, insects etc. It is seen in the open fields, farm lands, grass fields etc.
Myna is another common species of bird that is found in the Indian Sub Continent. Its body color is light brown. Its normal size is 25 cm. It is mainly seed-eater. It also eat insects, crops etc. It is normally seen in the open country sides, farm lands, grass lands etc. It normally build its nests in the tree holes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Earlier in the Animal Planet we have tried to discuss about birds. In this topic we will try to discuss about a very special type of bird Eagle. Eagle comes from the bird family Accipitridae. Its class is Aves, order is Falconiformes and kingdom is Animalia. It has about 65 species in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and In Australia.

Eagle is different from other birds of the world. It is also known as Birds of Prey because of its large size, sharp nails, powerful in nature and for their heavier head. Its size varies from species to species. Its weight is varies from 500g to 6.7kg and its length can be varied from 40cm to 100cm. Its smallest species is Booted Eagle. Another species of eagle is Greater Spotted Eagle. It’s another species is Steppe Eagle.

Most of its species are normally larger than its prey. It has very large hooked beaks. Its legs are very powerful. And the most important thing is that it has very sharp and keen eyesight. It can see its prey from a long distance. It builds its own nest. Female Eagle normally laid two eggs at a time.

The most important thing is that its nature, characteristics, power, intelligence, keen eyesight allows them to dominate over the all bird species. In many countries of the world the bird’s symbol is considered to be brave, power and spirit of their nation.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Birds

Earlier in the Animal Planet it was mentioned about Reptiles, Mammals, Beauty Queens, deadly animals, dangerous animals of the world. Now we are thinking slightly different categories. So in this topic we will try to discuss about the birds of the planet.

Birds are light-boned, warm-blooded, egg-lying, vertebrate simple animals. In our planet there are about 10000 species of birds. In earlier it was found from the fossil that some species of birds were found about 150 to 145 million years ago. Earlier birds were large in size, but modern birds are a little smaller in size.
Among different species of birds there are some species who take long distance annual migration and most species take a short distance irregular movement. Birds use to communicate with each other through signals created by them, songs and calls. Birds are social animals. Most of their species are socially monogamous and rests of them are socially polygamous.
Birds normally laid eggs in their nest and the babies are cared by the parents. Some species of birds have economic importance because of their feather and some species are famous as pets. 

Birds are one of the common species of the world that are found in 7 continents. But it should be noted that their density is high in the tropical regions. The most important thing is that particularly in the country areas of the world birds have become most familiar with their life styles.

Birds can be divided into following categories. Some are known as singing birds, some are known as game birds, some of them are considered to be good fortune birds and so on. All these categories are created by man of different region of the world.

Most of the birds can fly except a few species. They have light bone and feather in their wings that help them to fly. Most of them are diurnal and only a few species such as owls and night-jars are nocturnal.

Birds mainly feed fruit, plants, seeds etc. As they have no teeth their digestive system allows them to eat only simple foods.

About 150 species of birds have already been vanished till 17th century and now about 1500 species of them are facing the thread of being vanished. So steps should be taken as early as possible to save this creature. All of us should be coming forward to save this animal.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deadly Fish

The earth is the only place that shows a variety of evolution of life of different species. Not only in the land but also in the water there is a good example of mystery of life. In this topic we will try to discuss about some deadliest species in the water. 

If we want to say about deadly fish, first of all it comes, the Stone Fish. It bears venom that is more powerful than a cobra. It is mainly found in Indian & Pacific ocean. The victim will suffer how much pain is totally depending upon the amount of venom injected.

Another deadly creature that lives in the water is White Shark. It is the most dangerous of all Shark species. The things, that makes this fish tougher than other fish are its strength, horrible size, braveness and intelligence. It is mainly found in Pacific, Atlantic and in the Indian Ocean.
Another deadly fish that has been found recently near the California is the Erenna specimen. Not many information are found about this fish as scientists are trying to found out its nature. It has found that it is a species of Jellyfish. But it is confirmed that it is very dangerous.

Another deadly fish is Manta Rays. It looks like a giant bat while swimming in the water. It is mainly found in Indian, Pacific and in the Atlantic Ocean.

Another deadly fish is Sea Wasp. It is also known as Box Jellyfish. It is mainly found in Pacific and in the Indian Ocean. It has a lot of tentacles in its skin which contains venom. A single injection of this tentacles cause vomiting, increase blood pressure, cause heart problem. 
Another deadly but beautiful fish is Blue-Ringed Octopus. It has three species. Its venom is powerful enough to kill 26 adults. The chance of living of victim is totally depend upon the amount of venom injected and the meditation.

Another beautiful deadly creature is Sea Snails. It is mainly found in salt water. It is slow in speed. Its venom’s name is Conotoxins. Recently scientists are trying to make pain killer through its venom. Its venom mainly attacks the nerve system.

Another poisonous fish is Puffer Fish. It is one of the most venomous vertebrates in the earth. Its skin is highly poisonous. Its venom consists of Tetrodotoxin. Although it is poisonous some countries such as Korea, Japan served it as meal.

Friday, July 1, 2011

About The Cute

The planet we live in is a place of mysterious treasure and beauty. There is no question about it that the beauty of Animal Planet is the most Gorgeous beauty of the world. In this topic we will give some example of beauty of Animal Planet as proof.

One of the best cute animals of the world is Giant Panda. It is mainly found in China. Its beauty will amaze you easily if you take a look at him. It is feed only bamboo. Recently the Giant Panda have been included as endangered species of the world. From different journals it has been found there is only 3500 panda can be found as wild.

Another beautiful creature is Red panda. It is also known as fire fox. It is small in size. It has a light brown skin. It is mainly feed Bamboo, egg, insects, other smaller mammals. It is mainly found in China, Nepal, India, Myanmar and in Bhutan. It is one of the most endangered species of the world.

Another cute animal is leopard geckos. It is mainly found in the deserts of central Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some parts of Iran. It is mainly feed smaller insects. It is nocturnal in nature. Its length can be up to 25 cm and its weight can be up to 70 grams. It has its own mechanism to defense the attack of its predators such as snake, frogs, foxes etc.

Another cute animal is Dolphin. It is mammal. It has about 40 species around the world. It is very friendly in nature. It is also famous for its playing ability and intelligence. Its length can be up to (5-7) meters (average) and its weight can be up to 10 ton. It has a very accurate eyesight(can see equally both in water and out of water). It is one of the finest social animals of the world. It is mainly feed fish and squid in the sea. It has now become an endangered species of the world.

Another beautiful animal of the world is Hummingbird. It is the smallest bird of the world. It has several species. Among them Bee Hummingbird is the smallest (5 cm). It is unbelievable to hear that they can flap their wings 15 to 90 times per second. Its wings cannot be seen in open eyes when they fly. It is famous for its beauty.