Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Birds

Earlier in the Animal Planet it was mentioned about Reptiles, Mammals, Beauty Queens, deadly animals, dangerous animals of the world. Now we are thinking slightly different categories. So in this topic we will try to discuss about the birds of the planet.

Birds are light-boned, warm-blooded, egg-lying, vertebrate simple animals. In our planet there are about 10000 species of birds. In earlier it was found from the fossil that some species of birds were found about 150 to 145 million years ago. Earlier birds were large in size, but modern birds are a little smaller in size.
Among different species of birds there are some species who take long distance annual migration and most species take a short distance irregular movement. Birds use to communicate with each other through signals created by them, songs and calls. Birds are social animals. Most of their species are socially monogamous and rests of them are socially polygamous.
Birds normally laid eggs in their nest and the babies are cared by the parents. Some species of birds have economic importance because of their feather and some species are famous as pets. 

Birds are one of the common species of the world that are found in 7 continents. But it should be noted that their density is high in the tropical regions. The most important thing is that particularly in the country areas of the world birds have become most familiar with their life styles.

Birds can be divided into following categories. Some are known as singing birds, some are known as game birds, some of them are considered to be good fortune birds and so on. All these categories are created by man of different region of the world.

Most of the birds can fly except a few species. They have light bone and feather in their wings that help them to fly. Most of them are diurnal and only a few species such as owls and night-jars are nocturnal.

Birds mainly feed fruit, plants, seeds etc. As they have no teeth their digestive system allows them to eat only simple foods.

About 150 species of birds have already been vanished till 17th century and now about 1500 species of them are facing the thread of being vanished. So steps should be taken as early as possible to save this creature. All of us should be coming forward to save this animal.

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