Friday, July 1, 2011

About The Cute

The planet we live in is a place of mysterious treasure and beauty. There is no question about it that the beauty of Animal Planet is the most Gorgeous beauty of the world. In this topic we will give some example of beauty of Animal Planet as proof.

One of the best cute animals of the world is Giant Panda. It is mainly found in China. Its beauty will amaze you easily if you take a look at him. It is feed only bamboo. Recently the Giant Panda have been included as endangered species of the world. From different journals it has been found there is only 3500 panda can be found as wild.

Another beautiful creature is Red panda. It is also known as fire fox. It is small in size. It has a light brown skin. It is mainly feed Bamboo, egg, insects, other smaller mammals. It is mainly found in China, Nepal, India, Myanmar and in Bhutan. It is one of the most endangered species of the world.

Another cute animal is leopard geckos. It is mainly found in the deserts of central Asia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and some parts of Iran. It is mainly feed smaller insects. It is nocturnal in nature. Its length can be up to 25 cm and its weight can be up to 70 grams. It has its own mechanism to defense the attack of its predators such as snake, frogs, foxes etc.

Another cute animal is Dolphin. It is mammal. It has about 40 species around the world. It is very friendly in nature. It is also famous for its playing ability and intelligence. Its length can be up to (5-7) meters (average) and its weight can be up to 10 ton. It has a very accurate eyesight(can see equally both in water and out of water). It is one of the finest social animals of the world. It is mainly feed fish and squid in the sea. It has now become an endangered species of the world.

Another beautiful animal of the world is Hummingbird. It is the smallest bird of the world. It has several species. Among them Bee Hummingbird is the smallest (5 cm). It is unbelievable to hear that they can flap their wings 15 to 90 times per second. Its wings cannot be seen in open eyes when they fly. It is famous for its beauty.

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