Saturday, July 2, 2011

Deadly Fish

The earth is the only place that shows a variety of evolution of life of different species. Not only in the land but also in the water there is a good example of mystery of life. In this topic we will try to discuss about some deadliest species in the water. 

If we want to say about deadly fish, first of all it comes, the Stone Fish. It bears venom that is more powerful than a cobra. It is mainly found in Indian & Pacific ocean. The victim will suffer how much pain is totally depending upon the amount of venom injected.

Another deadly creature that lives in the water is White Shark. It is the most dangerous of all Shark species. The things, that makes this fish tougher than other fish are its strength, horrible size, braveness and intelligence. It is mainly found in Pacific, Atlantic and in the Indian Ocean.
Another deadly fish that has been found recently near the California is the Erenna specimen. Not many information are found about this fish as scientists are trying to found out its nature. It has found that it is a species of Jellyfish. But it is confirmed that it is very dangerous.

Another deadly fish is Manta Rays. It looks like a giant bat while swimming in the water. It is mainly found in Indian, Pacific and in the Atlantic Ocean.

Another deadly fish is Sea Wasp. It is also known as Box Jellyfish. It is mainly found in Pacific and in the Indian Ocean. It has a lot of tentacles in its skin which contains venom. A single injection of this tentacles cause vomiting, increase blood pressure, cause heart problem. 
Another deadly but beautiful fish is Blue-Ringed Octopus. It has three species. Its venom is powerful enough to kill 26 adults. The chance of living of victim is totally depend upon the amount of venom injected and the meditation.

Another beautiful deadly creature is Sea Snails. It is mainly found in salt water. It is slow in speed. Its venom’s name is Conotoxins. Recently scientists are trying to make pain killer through its venom. Its venom mainly attacks the nerve system.

Another poisonous fish is Puffer Fish. It is one of the most venomous vertebrates in the earth. Its skin is highly poisonous. Its venom consists of Tetrodotoxin. Although it is poisonous some countries such as Korea, Japan served it as meal.

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